Tuesday, March 15, 2016


For me the part I love most about my Knit Shop is the actual knitting.  Picking up a ball of yarn and deciding what it will become brings such delight (and sometimes challenges!).  There are times when the project doesn't quite work, and needs to be unpicked and created into something else.  Other times, the project turns out just as I imagined when I first saw that ball of yarn.

Gloves & Headband Set
And of course, once I've finished knitting the item doesn't mean the item is complete.  Generally ends need to be tidied up; seams sown and also decorative pieces are to be added.  Shall I add a button, a bow or a flower?  All considerations when completing an item.

When the item is finally completed, deciding how best to present that item online is the next step.  Photo's have to be taken, and the item needs to be described in the best way possible.  This is an area that requires constant improvement and tweeking.  

Glove & Headband Set

I really do enjoy my little online knitwear shop, and I hope you do too! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday Treasury

I love it when one of those Convo's appears in my inbox on Etsy.  You know the ones that let you know someone has liked one of your items enough to include it in a Treasury.  Usually there are fabulous other finds in the collection, and I've found some great gift ideas through Treasuries.

Here's the latest one my shop was featured in.  Feel free to click and visit some of the other shops - I'm sure they will appreciate the views.