Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Discovered: Made with Love

Made with Love is another amazing store I've found while spending time at craft markets over the past year.  The Terrariums are fabulous so I invited their creator, Darsh Armstrong, to share a little of her story with us.  So grab a cuppa while you read - and don't forget to click on the links to visit her shop.

Please tell us a litte about yourself
Made with Love is my business which I run full time.  This is a fairly young business, which started up in November last year.  Art, tending to my plants and photography have always been part of my life.  I now combine all three to create and display my hand-painted terrariums.  My lovely husband and I live in Mt Wellington with our two fur babies, our cats, Cassius and Chloe.

What inspires you in your creative process?
Nature inspires me.  There is so much beauty in our world. I work with gorgeous succulents and cacti which have so much character and appeal on their own.  When I paint a terrarium, I want to add to their beauty to create something really special.  The materials I work with, like shells and stones, all have a story behind them.  I feel inspired thinking about how far the glacier stone has had to come before I choose it to use in one of my pieces.


What is your favourite thing to make?
I love to make my larger hand-painted terrariums.  In a larger piece, I am able to add more detail to the paintings.  I can also use both acrylic and glass paints to create great textures and effects.  It is so much fun creating a little world for my plants.  The painted elements allow me to add more personality to the terrarium and creates a piece of art that is unique.

What's your favourite currently in your shop?
It would have to be 'Fly with Me'.  I love the texture I can create with acrylic paint on glass to create the fluffy, soft feathers of the birds.  Painting on a rounded glass vessel is also a good challenge for me.

Fly with Me

What are your hobbies outside of crafting?
I love to travel, listen to music, read, wine and dine.  I have been loving belly dance lessons I started earlier this year. You also won't find me too far from my camera.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
I would go back to Italy.  I absolutely love the art, food, history and culture there.  I have already been to Rome, Venice and spent some time travelling around Tuscany.  I would also love to visit South Africa, a lot of the plants I love and work with originate from there.

Thanks so much Darsh for sharing with us.  If you'd like to follow Made with Love on Social Media, click here, and also checkout all the fabulous creations on the website.  And if you'd like to meet Darsh and see her Terrariums in person, click here to see her market schedule.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Discovered: Stone Rose Soaps

One of the things I enjoy most about having stalls at Craft Markets, is that I get to spend time with other amazing & creative Artists.  And it was at one of these Markets that I first met Janine of Stone Rose Soaps. What attracted me to Janine's stall was the amazing colours of her products, so I wanted to share them with you too!   

Indian Summer

Please tell us a little about Yourself

I am the owner of my soap business and I also get to be at home to raise my children.  I am married with 3 children of my own and 3 step children.  My children are 10, 8 & 3 and they are the light of my life; they also help me with some of my projects.  My eldest daughter loves to pitch in with me and is already a mastermind of a few products of my line!

What / Who Inspires you in your Creative Process

My love affair with bathroom products began when I was much bigger - part of my short goals were to have treats that weren't food related.  I started finding food-like bathroom products and was absolutely delighted with them.  Soon after that I realized that I really needed to be making my own indulgences to my own style.  I love taking everyday items like oils and butters; and turning it into a scientific masterpiece!  Soaps and bath products don't have to be super expensive, and it's amazing how you can brighten someone's day with just a simple unique gift just for them.

What is your Favourite thing to Make / Sell

My favourite has to be the bath truffles/bath bomb cupcakes.  Behind each and every one made is a reminder that I am helping people to remember to love themselves, it's a little slice of heaven and indlugence just for yourself.  We don't take enough time for ourselves these days :) 

Cleopatra Cupcake

What's your Favourite item Currently available in your Shop

Either my Cleopatra line or my Pink Sugar line - they are my absolute fave scents!

Pink Sugar Handmade Coconut Milk Soap
What are you Hobbies outside of Crafting

I love to volunteer at my Church, I sing with the worship band and I love to spend time with my kids and my awesome family.  We all love to have time at the beach together, so we are really looking forward to summer.

If you could Travel anywhere in the World, where would you go and Why

I would love to take all my children on the Disney Cruise Liner, to see their faces all lit up would just rock my world and make me so happy!

You can find more of Janine's gorgeous products on her Facebook Page, Website and Etsy shop.   

Thanks so much for sharing with us Janine, and I hope one day that you get to take that dream trip with your children.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

HandBag Accessories

Those who know me, know that I love handbags. When on holiday and visiting local markets; the first place I head to is the handbag section.  And my favourite bags are the ones that come with accessories; pretty little zip pullers or cute decorations.

I started making some cute Bag Charms for my own handbags, and am now addicted to making them!  So have decided to list some on my MaxieK Creations website.   These add such cuteness to a plain handbag, adding that little bit extra 'bling'.

Below are a sample of what's available on my Website:

Cyrstal Bead Heart

Red Beaded Bag Charm

Aren't they cute? These will also make great keychains. To see other designs, head over and visit my MaxieK Creations website.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Scarf Types & Styles

Scarves come in all styles, shapes, sizes and colours.  I've noticed recently that various styles are called different names in different parts of the world. When searching online, this can be pretty confusing!

So to avoid confusion, below is a list of the styles we have available in our Maxies Knitwear shop.

Wrap Scarf

Wrap Scarf
This is the traditional style of scarf ... long or short but this scarf can be wrapped around the neck and worn as tight or loose as desired. 

Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf
Also known as a Circle Scarf; Infinity Scarves have the ends sewn together, and can be looped around the neck once or twice.  


Similar to a Circle Scarf, except a Cowl cannot be looped. Some styles sit comfortably over the neck and hang loose (or tight) in front. Others are held closed with buttons, ribbons or a knitted cord.

Ruffle Scarf

Ruffle Scarf
Ruffle Scarves are made with a special type of ribbon yarn. The yarn is usually polyester or mesh -  these can be worn in a variety of ways and add a bit of flair to any outfit.

Similar to a Cowl; a Snood is circle in appearance but is large enough to wear over the head while sitting comfortably around the neck at the same time.  

Mesh Scarf

Arm Knit Scarves
These lovely scarves are made just as they are named ... arms are used as needles.  Made with wool, polyester or mesh yarns; these Scarves are stylish and lovely to wear.  


Scoodies are hooded Scarves.  Fantastic for freezing cold winters; these Scarves are hats with scarves that wrap comfortably under the chin.  

Saturday, June 18, 2016


I'm working on my Newsletter in the next few days.  This is a great way to receive tips, new products and to find out about special offers ... right in your inbox!  And don't worry I won't spam you; and expect to send them out once every 2 or 3 months.

To signup, head on over to our Website and enter in your details. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Scarf Giveaway - Update

Thanks to everyone that signed up to receive our Newsletter emails!  So in order of signups, the entrants for the Scarf Giveaway are:

  1. Caroline C
  2. Sandra H
  3. Amy H
  4. Tracey B
  5. Gillian D
  6. Rae V
  7. Briar H
  8. Susan E
  9. Judee H
  10. Gillian R                           

And the winner is ....                                  

Congratulations Gillian D - we will be in touch with details.   Thanks to all who entered the Giveaway, and for those that haven't signed up for our Newsletter yet, please click here to do so.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Scarf Giveaway

We are in the lovely season of Autumn, so to celebrate I'm having a Scarf Giveaway.

Wool Blend Scarves

The lucky winner will get to choose one of the above Scarves.  All you have to do to enter our Giveaway is:

1.  Sign up for our Newsletter on our Website (click here)
2.  Come back here and leave your name and email address in the comments box below

It's that simple!

Giveaway ends at 5pm on 25 April 2016, and the winner will be announced here using Random Org generator.  The Scarf chosen by the winner will be despatched via NZ Post before 1 May 2016.

Please note:  this Giveaway is only open to people living in New Zealand.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


For me the part I love most about my Knit Shop is the actual knitting.  Picking up a ball of yarn and deciding what it will become brings such delight (and sometimes challenges!).  There are times when the project doesn't quite work, and needs to be unpicked and created into something else.  Other times, the project turns out just as I imagined when I first saw that ball of yarn.

Gloves & Headband Set
And of course, once I've finished knitting the item doesn't mean the item is complete.  Generally ends need to be tidied up; seams sown and also decorative pieces are to be added.  Shall I add a button, a bow or a flower?  All considerations when completing an item.

When the item is finally completed, deciding how best to present that item online is the next step.  Photo's have to be taken, and the item needs to be described in the best way possible.  This is an area that requires constant improvement and tweeking.  

Glove & Headband Set

I really do enjoy my little online knitwear shop, and I hope you do too! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday Treasury

I love it when one of those Convo's appears in my inbox on Etsy.  You know the ones that let you know someone has liked one of your items enough to include it in a Treasury.  Usually there are fabulous other finds in the collection, and I've found some great gift ideas through Treasuries.

Here's the latest one my shop was featured in.  Feel free to click and visit some of the other shops - I'm sure they will appreciate the views.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Mark the Spot

I love to read, especially when on holiday.  Usually if we are at home for the holidays, you'll find a pile of books that I plan on reading either beside the couch or on my bedside cabinet. 

But when I travel my trusted Kindle travels with me.  It has a collection of novels, biographies, self help and inspirational books; as well as a Devotional Bible.  It's so much easier than taking all these books with me, and leaves more room for filling my suitcase with much more important things such as .... new purchases from shopping!

Do you like to read? What's your favourite type of book?  And do you prefer a e-reader or a paper book?  

When reading paper books, I don't like using scraps of paper to mark the page, so I decided to make some beaded metal bookmarks to mark the spot instead.  Theres are perfect for holding the place, and gives a chance to look at something pretty at the same time. 

Beaded Bookmarks

In fact, I loved making them so much, that I've made a whole lot more!  So if you also like to look at something pretty while 'marking the spot', then head on over to our MaxieKCreations website to see all the gorgeous beaded bookmarks I've created.  I'm sure you will find something perfect for the job!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sweet Hearts!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so I wanted to share some beautiful hearts I've found on Etsy.  Click here to go and visit the Treasury.  Enjoy :)

Friday, February 5, 2016

Our Summer

It's now February, and I'm not sure where January went!  Our summer has been slow arriving, but now that it has arrived with amazingly hot, humid days.  Of course, this has meant a few day trips to the beach to soak up some sun.

Thankfully December as a little colder than normal which enabled me to knit 3 new Scarves, which are now available in my Etsy shop.

Beautifully warm Alpaca & Acrylic Mix Scarf

A Favourite of mine - Mohair Wool Mix Yarn Scarf

Red Scarves are always Popular!  This one is the colour of Raspberries