Monday, December 29, 2014

Winter Rainbow

I love my work being included in beautiful Treasuries just like this one!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Essential Accessories

I can't live without the following Accessories during the colder months.
Fingerless Gloves

Winter Headband

Infinity Scarf

Wool Beanie
Scarves, gloves, beanies and headbands ... all essentials to help keep warm and to add extra colour to any woman's winter outfit.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winter Gloves

A selection of Fingerless Gloves for winter .... enjoy :)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Early Christmas Shopping

It's always a great idea to shop early for Christmas to take pressure off an already busy time, and to ensure your fabulous gifts arrive in time.  So to help you prepare, below are our Shipping close-off dates for Christmas.

And to have fun browsing, click on the links to our WebsiteEtsy or MaxieK shops :)

Fingerless Gloves




Wine Glass Charms

Knitting Stitch Markers

Shipping Close-off Dates:

New Zealand ~  Wednesday 17 December 2014
Australia ~   Monday 8 December 2014
Asia, North America, Europe ~   Wednesday 3 December 2014
Rest of the World ~  Monday 1 December 2014

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A New Venture

Recently I've started on a new venture creating a different range of products.  Most of these new products are not 'wearable' so to save confusion, I've opened up a new shop with a different name.  Here's a sample of some of my newest products:

Knitting Stitch Markers

Keyring Business Cardholders

Cellphone Charms

Beaded Bookmarks

Wine Glass Charms

Wine Glass Charms
Also in this new shop you'll find knitted plush collectables, and our teapot, mug and coffee cozies.  

So, Maxies Knitwear handknit items will still be sold on our Maxies Knitwear website and in our Etsy Shop.  

Then you'll find all our non-wearable creations in our new Zibbet shop ... MaxieK Creations. When you get a chance, pop on over and visit the new shop.  It's not quite full yet but there is a small sample of fun, colourful creations.   

Oh and if you are wondering; yes all these new products are still handmade by me! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fingerless Gloves

While we are (very slowly) heading into the warmer seasons here in NZ, it's fall / autumn time for those living in the northern hemisphere.  Just the right time of year to start wearing those gorgeous autumn / fall accessories such as fingerless gloves / mittens.

Below is a selection of our newest range of fingerless gloves available in our Etsy shop.

Head on over to the Gloves Section in our Etsy shop to see the full range.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sale Time!

I'm away on holiday at the beginning of September for just over 2 weeks .... yay!!!

So to celebrate I've taken 20% off ALL items in my Zibbet shop...   including all of the items shown below!

This Sale is only valid until August 30 (NZ time), so don't miss out this great opportunity to do some early holiday shopping for accessories.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to wear your Arm Knit Scarf

I realised recently that if you don't put an arm-knitted infinity scarf on correctly, it can look a bit strange. So, below is a quick tutorial on how to wear you arm-knit Infinity Scarf, and to make it look beautiful against anything you wear.  

Firstly, look for the seam.  Hold the scarf with one hand at the seam, and hang in front of you.  You should see at the other end of your scarf that it is longer on one side than the other.  

Also there is definitely a right and wrong side to your scarf.  Check that the scarf is on the right side - if not put on correctly then you are wearing it in-side out. It should look like the picture below.   Place the scarf over your head, with the seam positioned at the back of your neck. 

Once the scarf is sitting comfortable around your neck, grab one side and twist over your head.  It should look similar to the picture below.  Adjust as required; alternatively wear long like the pic above.

Tip:  If the loops get out of shape, hold the scarf in one hand and gently tug at the opposite end. Alternatively, gently tug around the misshapped area to manipulate the loops back into shape.

That's it!  Your scarf should now look beautiful and feel comfortable to wear.  Below is a small collection of our current arm-knit scarves, but feel feel to checkout our Website for all our scarves.  


Thursday, May 8, 2014


This has to be a record for me -  Five hats knitted in 4 days.  All slouchy and all ready to be worn in this cooler weather.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Products

I'm adding a bit of variety to my shops, so below are some new products.

Boot Cuffs - have you tried wearing Boot Cuffs?  They are really popular right now, and look gorgeous as well as help to keep your legs warm.

Boot Cuffs in Grey

Boot Cuffs in Brown

Pin Cushion - I have no idea why, but I'd had the thought for a while to knit a pin cushion in the shape of a cushion.  So here it is ... 1 pin cushion with it's own decorative flower and bead.

Pin Cushion
Headband - recently I listed one of my headbands on a local selling site, but incorrectly labelled it as a turban-styled headband.  The listing received a large number of hits, so I decided to start making a few headbands in this style.  Here's the first ... hopefully it won't be around for long!

This weekend I'm having a stall at the Milford Village Market so will have these products and a few other new ones.  (I'd show you photos, but they are already packed)  If you have some spare time, come visit and checkout all the other fabulous stalls!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

On the Needles

Currently on the needles are a new turban-style headband in white, and a striped ankle warmer. The headband will be completed later today, but the ankle warmers will take a little longer.

 When creating a new pattern I make tons of notes, but every now and then something specific can be missed.  Some projects get put aside for a time, and that is what has happened with the ankle warmers.   Made to be worn over the top of a shoe, there needs to be an increase in stitches towards the end of the warmer.  I picked these up to complete earlier this week and realised I'd not recorded the increase in stitches!  So this will be a project for a long, cold winter's day, and when there is time to sit and focus.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Treasury

I've been featured in quite a few Treasuries over the past week, so have decided to show you a couple of these fabulous collections.  Enjoy :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Finds

It was a sad start to 2014 for us - my lovely Mum passed away on New Years Eve. So we spent the beginning of the year with family although not in the happiest of circumstances.  Then towards the end of January I sprained my ankle and did some damage to my foot.  

My ankle and foot are starting to heal now, but naturally there are still sad moments thinking of my Mum.  So today my Friday Finds are items I know Mum would have loved ... hand lotion, jewellery, lavender and wool! 

To visit each item, just click on the caption underneath.  Enjoy :)

Hand & Body Lotion
Pendant & Earrings

Lavender & Lemongrass Candles
Lavender Handspun Yarn

Friday, January 17, 2014

Valentines Day

It's just around the corner ... Valentines Day!  So I've knitted a couple of items with hearts that would make lovely gifts.
Cup Warmer with Pink Heart

Hanging Heart with Bow

Red Heart Pin Cushion
Feel free to head on over to my Zibbet  shop to see more pics and details on any of these items.  And while you are there check out some of the new items.  Have a fantastic week :)