Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Summer Markets

It's Spring here right now and getting warmer each day.  Last week I was working in long pants and a lightweight jumper, and today I'm down to t-shirt and 3/4 pants.  It is lovely to have the sun streaming into the room in the morning and warming it for most of the day.

The challenge for me with the warmer weather is what to take with me to local markets.  It's too warm right now for scarves and beanies, unless customers are looking for gifts to send overseas.  So, to increase what's available I've started knitting Cute Little Critters.  

My thoughts were that these would be great little stocking stuffers.  So far they have been pretty popular at the markets, but I'd love some feedback. Feel free to leave me a comment with your thoughts.  And it would be great to know what new items you are planning to bring in for the Christmas shopping season.  Have a fab day :)

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