Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Discovered: KP Beads

As most of you will know, I love colour.  And that's the first thing I notice when visiting KP Beads store - gorgeous colours and colour combinations.  Below, you can read about Kate from KP Beads and her lovely creations.

Candy Necklace

Please tell us a little about yourself:   
I grew up on a sheep and cattle farm in the Rangitikei - an awesome childhood I am so grateful to have had. When I left school I trained as a chef, spent some years cooking before meeting my husband, and we now live in Auckland with our two lovely girls. I am a stay at home mum, and as well as creating with polymer clay which I have been doing for 6 years now, I am able to continue with my other love of cooking. 

What/who inspires you in your creative process?   

At the moment my inspiration is all of the wonderful things that can be done with polymer clay. There are so many techniques out there which I am slowly working my way through - an endless supply of inspiration in itself. From there little ideas pop into my head to then extend myself even further. I get my best ideas while out doing my exercise.

What is your favorite thing to make / sell?   

Oh boy this is a tricky question to answer as I love making everything! I started out just making and selling beads but there is definitely something satisfying about then going on a step further and creating a finished jewellery item with the handmade beads I have made. My favorite bead to make would definitely be the swirl beads I make.

Swirl Beads

What’s your personal favorite item?
Just before Christmas I started selling children's cutlery sets which have been a big seller for me. They make such a lovely gift and children just love having something with their name on it. This has also progressed onto other cutlery which has also been very popular, cheese knives, teaspoon and cake fork sets and serving spoons among others.

Cutlery Set

What are your hobbies outside of crafting?
I have no other official hobbies to be honest although I do like to collect cook books. I think I have over 270 of them now. I definitely love family outings and of course being able to cook for my family - I am a keen baker.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? 
Italy to taste authentic Italian food. I would also like to do a road trip around America. I went one for a short visit and found it to be a rather fascinating place.

I'd suggest you head on over to visit KP Beads with a cuppa'll find beautiful beads, buttons, jewellery and cutlery.   Thanks Kate - we really appreciate you sharing with us :)