Thursday, May 30, 2013


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Wow - it's been so long since my last post!  But then again, I've been working on a non-Maxies project over the past few months; we've spent a couple of weeks visiting friends in China; and I've almost finished the jumper for Paul that I'd promised to complete before winter.  I'm just in time - tomorrow is officially the last day of Autumn, and it's also his birthday. 

But knitting for Maxies has not been completely forgotten .... 

Ruffle Scarves have become quite popular over the past year, so earlier this month I decided it was time to try and knit some.  Not always the most successful learning how to use new yarns, I quickly hunted for a tutorial on YouTube and found one that explained very easily where to start and how to actually knit a Ruffle Scarf.  I'm rather happy with my first one!

I've also had attempts at Arm knitting.  I'd seen some beautiful Scarves made this way in the past, and thought it would be fun to try.  And I was right!  These Scarves are really fun to knit, and knit up incredibly fast.  The one pictured below still needs to be sewn to make it into an Infinity Scarf, but I couldn't wait to show it off!