Thursday, January 24, 2013


Below is the Cowl I've just finished knitting.  I really like it and was tempted to keep it for myself, but resisted and have listed on Etsy and the website.  Hopefully it will sell soon so all temptation will be gone!

Do you have moments when you want to keep what you've made?  Every so often there's just one that seems a little more tempting than others. And I must say it doesn't help that I love soft, warm Cowls.

My favourites are the soft, single lacy ones.  These are perfect for those who live in milder climates ... just like our climate here in Auckland.

The Cowl sits comfortably around the neck, and looks great worn under a jacket or as an accessory to your outfit.  It's also a lovely accessory for autumn and spring, where there are those days that remind you a little of winter.

Wearing mine to work one day, I found that I wore it all day - it felt so comfortable, soft and snuggly for a cold wintery day. The office I was working in didn't have central heating so the cowl really came in handy.  Also it complimented what I was wearing that day.  Here's the lacy cowls I'm writing about:

I'd really love to hear about the winter accessory you just can't live without.  Is it a cowl, scarf, gloves, hat?  Or a big thick winter coat?  Or maybe it's a favourite pair of boots?  Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know!


  1. The cream is certainly lovely! It looks versatile as well.

    Letting go of some items is hard, especially when they are small or lightweight. After all, what's one more ___ around the house? We have to be very strict with ourselves or we would be rolling in gift bags and trivets. Our system is that only our absolute favorite color combinations are saved back for our personal use - fabrics that are red and black, teal and brown, etc.

  2. My favorite winter time accessory would have to be my infinity scarf. It's bright red and makes me feel warm and sexy.

  3. With our weather, we don't need these beautiful cowls but I'd sure like to own one just because it looks so comfy and pretty!

  4. I have a VERY hard time letting things go in my shop....I have such a passion for vintage that when I find something it is usually something I love....very sad when it goes. I love thick, cozy sweaters and scarves....yours look soft and cozy!