Saturday, October 20, 2012

Discovered: My Sisters Hope Chest

If I wasn't so busy knitting, the crafts I'd love most to get into are making cards or scrapbooking.  So naturally, these are the items that attract my attention when I'm browsing Etsy, Pinterest and blogs.  While looking around recently I came across My Sisters Hope Chest, and instantly feel in love with the items there, and the shop's creator (Liz) has kindly agreed to tell us a little about herself.  

Please tell us a little about yourself:  

I am from Michigan originally, but have lived in the Chicago area for the last 8 years. Five years ago I married the love of my life, Andy; we have a crazy dog named Jackson, and a house that is a continuous project. I work full-time in the field of publishing, and I love it! When I'm not working or trying to keep up with life, I am working on projects and scrapbooks. You can read more about my projects over at my blog

What/who inspires you in your creative process? 

I love spending time with family and friends, I also love pictures of those times with family and friends. That's what inspires my projects. I like to create scrapbooks that will showcase all the pictures of those special times.

What is your favourite thing to make / sell? 

I love making scrapbooks!

What’s your favourite item currently in your shop?  

My two favorite items are the Autumn Leaves Scrapbook:

and my Upcycled Travel Journal:

What are your hobbies outside of crafting?  

I love spending time with my husband and family and friends. I also love to read, and I enjoy running and being outside - especially in the fall!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go & why?  

I would love to go to Ireland. My mom's family is Irish and I hear is absolutely beautiful there!

Don't forget to visit Liz's blog - Here's to Handy Andy Blog, to find out about all the fabulous projects Liz is working on.  And that's so much Liz, your items are gorgeous!  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Knitting for Christmas

My blog has been a little neglected lately, due to a number of projects I've been busy working on.  One project was to start preparing for a couple of Christmas markets coming up at the end of next month.

Since it's spring here in NZ I've decided to steer away from scarves and hats, and knit a few novelty items that aren't seasonal, but would make great gifts ... not just for Christmas but for all year around.

Hair Clips

What little girl doesn't love something pretty in her hair?  The Bow clips are complete, but the flower clips  each need a little rhinestone inserted in the middle.  The plan is to knit as many bright colours as I can find in my stash of yarn!

Tea Pot Cozies

These cozies have been knitted for a 6 cup teapot, and smaller ones (for a 2 cup pot) will be available as well.  Making these has been really enjoyable. My favourite is the 'face' as it wasn't planned, and just kind of looked that way when I first placed it on the pot.  Cute eh?!

Coffee Cozies

Coffee Cozie Gift Sets
I'm also knitting some extra Coffee Cozies Gift Sets, - these make fantastic gifts for those who love their takeout coffee. You can fill the little bag with yummy goodies, and when the goodies have all gone the bag can be used to carry small personal items in.   There is a selection of coffee cozies and gift sets (like the one pictured above) already available on our Website and in our Etsy shop.

Okay, so what do you think?  I'd really love some feedback.  Also, feel free to leave a comment and let us know what new items you are planning to offer to Christmas Shoppers.

Have a fabulous week!