Friday, October 21, 2011

Giveaway Win

Don't you just love walking to your letterbox and finding a package with your name on it? That happened to me today ... I received this wonderful Giveaway Prize from Creativity Unmasked.

Inside where these gorgeous products:
  • A funky multi-coloured evil-eye glass beaded bracelet from SariBlue.
  • A handcrafted olive-green shell and black agate necklace from Moags and Smeet.
  • A set of floral art photography notecards from Laura Sheppard Photography, along with a CD to help you improve your own photography.
  • A sample of green tea toner and fabulous full-sized rice bran soap from okoii Natural Skin Care.
Don't they look gorgeous? A huge THANK YOU to Creativity Unmasked, SariBlue, Moags and Smeet, Laura Sheppard Photography and Okoii. Your products are amazing!

If you'd like to see more from these wonderful artists, please Click on the links above. Also don't forget to visit Creativity Unmasked. It's a site that exists to showcase and support creativity in all forms, and includes features, tutorials and of course ... fabulous giveaways!


  1. :) So very glad that you enjoyed the prize, and on behalf of all of the donors, thanks for the lovely post!

  2. Oh lucky, lucky you Julie. What a fantastic prize(s)!