Thursday, August 4, 2011

Coffee Sleeves

Are you a coffee addict? I'm not but my husband is! Our tastes are totally different ... his being strong coffee such as double shot short black, mine being a nice creamy, frothy latte.

So occasionally during the working day I head to the cafe for a takeout latte, to bring back to the office. My co-workers were in hysterics one day when I arrived with my little latte and somehow managed to throw it all over the desk before I'd had my first sip! I wasn't happy. Part of the problem was in my haste to put the hot cup down, I misjudged the desktop and it slipped out of my hands.

Recently I've started using coffee cozies (or sleeves) when purchasing my latte. It makes carrying the coffee so much easier ... no more burnt hands and a cozy provides more grip to stop slippage. Below are some of my cozy creations:

This last cozy has been teamed up with a little gift bag .... imagine filling the bag with a small amount of yummy, aromatic coffee beans! Together they would make a lovely gift.

All of the above can be found in my Etsy shop, and feel free to convo me if there is one you'd like in a different colour.


  1. Pretty bows :-) Coffee cup cosies are great for saving fingers!

  2. Great idea. I had a felt one once but it was not very attractive. Yours are original and fun :). Love the gift bag too - fab.