Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just Completed

Today has been a productive day here at Maxies Knitwear! Max herself has spent most of the day sleeping on the couch and I've been busy finishing off a few projects, while my husband decided to try his hand at making pumpkin soup .... and it was delicious. I think he should spend more time in the kitchen!
It's late afternoon here now and I'm losing good light for photography. But I am so excited to share my day's work with you, so I've quickly taken some photo's.

Unisex Scarf - my husband decided he liked this scarf as soon as I started knitting it. It's a lovely soft mixture of acrylic and cotton, and is chunky. Personally I love it too!

I've also been playing around with knitted bags, and have created these two drawstring bags:

I couldn't resist adding the decorative buttons. Once I've played around with better photos, all of the above will be available in both my shops.

In the meantime any comments would be greatly appreciated!

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