Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Discovered: Kasha Runner Krafts

I'm a huge fan of handmade cards, and recently I came across this gorgeous shop on Etsy - Kasha Runner Krafts. I quickly fell in love with the lovely designs, and wanted to share a little about Kathy and her designs with you.

  • Please tell us a little about yourself
    About me: optimistic. coffee lover, cookie baker. architect, explorer. ice cream enthusiast. sunshine spreader. solution designer. triathlete wanna-be. 'krafter'. Child of God trying hard to be a Proverbs 31 wife! I live in Kansas City, Missouri, USA with my husband, Jason, 1 chocolate lab named Blue & 2 cats. (Booger & Snot - yea - don't ask).

    Together, Jason & I own and operate our little business, Wisdom 4 Life Coaching, where we help people be good stewards of their resources. We design solutions for our clients through financial, career, life and small business coaching. It is our belief that once people get their finances under control, they can have clarity to achieve what God is calling them to do.

    Kasha Runner Krafts is my etsy shop. It was born out of the desire to have a creative outlet. My family & friends only have so many, well only one birthday a year and I needed more "kraft" than that. Kasha is polish for Kathy and Runner is... well I Run (or try to - smile). Paper is my medium of choice, but I have been known to make fleece blankets, burp cloths, cakes, pottery, drawings, gift baskets and the list goes on....

      • Who/what inspires you in your creative process? I am not sure. It just comes - cliche I know. Sometimes it is the paper, or a theme or a season or a holiday. Sometimes it is the customer who gives you the "criteria". Sometimes it is something visual that caught your eye. Sometimes its nice to just start and see where it goes!

        • What is your favourite think to make / sell? My favorite thing??? That which isn't yet created! *smile* I really do like working on custom items for people. They give me the ideas and then I get to translate their ideas into unique pieces created just for them. I also really like making cards. Handmade cards are all but forgotten and everyone loves to get them in the mail. Besides, I get to feel success every time I complete one - since it is a short project!

        • What's your personal favourite item (that's currently in your shop)? Personally I like the Valentines Day banner (I know, the day has past) but it was a fun project. Because of it, I just created a custom 'congratulations' banner for a customer who liked that one but was throwing a bridal shower for a friend.

        • What are your hobbies outside of crafting? Let's see... I am an avid 'couponer' and enjoy saving BIG at the store as well as teaching others how to save money through using coupons. ( I am a runner/triathlete in training - I have an upcoming half marathon in June and a triathlon in the fall. I am an artist and enjoy doing street painting (chalk drawings) at the annual festivals here in KC. That should keep me busy enough - smile.

          • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? I would go everywhere! From safari in Africa to a cruise through the Greek Isles. From running on the Great Wall to learning to tango in Buenas Aries. The best form of learning comes from experience! The best learning also comes from helping others! So I would love to go on outreach trips to help others, build a community building or church, reach people after a devastation or just laugh and have fun with "forgotten kids".

          • I know you'll love the gorgeous creations at Kasha Runner Krafts, so head on over and visit Kathy's shop on Etsy ... and if you get a chance, leave her a message saying 'hello'!


          1. Thanks for sharing this great find! I have only recently met Kathy in person; and let me tell you, she is every bit as delightful as her krafts.

          2. Sounds great! I shall have to check this shop up. Kathy sounds like a great person. Thanks for sharing.


          3. Hi, Thanks for coming by my blog and taking the time to say "hello"! Those cards are adorable! :)

          4. What a wonderful interview ! There is something about a handcrafted card that says it is unique and very special...which makes anyone that receives one feel very special also.

            Thank you for following my blog, I am now a new follower of your lovely blog and think that your knitted creations are divine. :)